6000 Series Combustion Analyzer

The TSHR 6000 series TN/TS/TX Analyzer is the most flexible, reliable and easy to use Total Sulfur/Nitrogen/Chlorine Analyzer for an extended range of refinery and chemical application challenges. The analyzer enables quality control, commercial testing laboratories and R&D centers to analyze solid, liquid, gas/liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) samples in an automatic, fast and precise manner. This combustion elemental analysis solution supported by Athena software is a routine and powerful tool that meets ASTM compliance, as well as other international regulatory compliance methods such as ISO, CEN, IP and UOP. It is available in a range of standard configurations (TN, TS, TX, TN/TS and TN/TS/TX) with maximum modular flexibility in order to fulfill customer requirements. In addition, the ability to configure the 6000 model as fully fledged AOX/EOX analyzer supports the needs of environmental laboratories. Typical applications of the TSHR 6000 series include:

  • Specification testing of refined products
  • Quality testing of raw and processed (petro)chemicals
  • Industrial waste and environmental analysis
  • Custody transfer of petrochemicals

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