7000 Series Combustion Analyzer

The TSHR 7000 series TN/TS/TX Analyzer is an enhanced, compact and easy to use Total Sulfur/Nitrogen/Chlorine Analyzer for reliable and accurate petrochemical applications.
The analyzer allows petrochemical and commercial testing laboratories, refineries and R&D centers to perform automatic, precise and fast analsis of liquid, gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) samples. This combustion elemental analysis solution supported by Athena software enables routine analyses for a wide range of sample concentrations, while meeting ASTM and other regulatory method compliances, such as EN 20846 and 15486. The TSHR 7000 is available in the following configurations:

  • TSHR TX 7000 Total Chlorine Analyzer
  • TSHR TN 7000 Total Nitrogen Analyzer
  • TSHR TS 7000 Total Sulfutr Analyzer
  • TSHR TN/TS 7000 Total Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer

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