Analysis became a distributor of the FEI company manufacturing electron microscopes

We are pleased to announce that Analysis d.o.o. has become an authorized distributor of FEI Europe B.V., for the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, BiH and Albania. FEI is a renowned manufacturer of:

  • SEM – scanning electron microscopes used to examine the material topography with resolutions down to the sub-nanometer range.
  • TEM – transmission electron microscopes, the market-leading products, that have a fully integrated and automated operating procedure for a wide range of applications requiring ultra high resolution images at the angstrom scale.
  • Focused ion beam (FIB) systems – which detect surface defects in materials and devices. These systems have a high degree of analogy with focused electron beam systems, such as SEM.
  • DualBeam (FIB / SEM) systems are an excellent choice for 3D microscopy, material characterization, failure analysis in industrial production and process control applications.