Design and conceptual design for laboratories

Do you want to enhance and reconstruct an already existing laboratory space?
Do you plan on investing in a new lab?

A laboratory needs to be organized in a way that it completely corresponds to the demands and needs of the user. However, most often, the laboratory infrastructure does not follow the development of science, laboratory equipment and operational procedures. Laboratory reconstructions pose as  a potential solution, but how to ensure that the reconstruction happens efficiently, without long breaks in the working process, and, of course, that the new solution is flexible for future development?

Conceptual design

ANALYSIS offers support and assistance in developing a laboratory idea solution, which precedes further design and technical development. Furthermore, in collaboration with our principal, the company WALDNER (Waldner Concepts & Innovations), we offer comprehensive consulting support during the process of creating the project documentation with the goal of defining the most optimal solution.

The solution offer

The solutions are offered by ANALYSIS and WALDNER, in direct contact with you, through development of the following phases:

  • Analysis of the current state, needs, and wishes of the user
  • Analysis of the working and organizational process of the user
  • Analysis od the needs of the current laboratory equipment and the equipment which is to be introduced in the future
  • Analysis of further development plans for the laboratory – the possibility of easy transformation and adaptation to new techniques
  • Generating a 2D and 3D visualization of the conceptual design

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Examples – from idea to solution