Sample Dividers

Retsch supplies sample dividers like e.g. sample splitters and rotating dividers, which divide all pourable solids so accurately that the characteristic composition of each fraction of the sample is indifferent from the original bulk sample. This is of great importance, since faultless and comparable analysis is directly correlated to accurate sample handling. Only a sample representating the original material will provide meaningful analysis results. Therefore, rotating dividers and sample splitters ensure the representativeness of a sample and consequently the reproducibility of the analysis.

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Sample Divider PT 100

The sample divider PT 100 splits the sample into representative fractions both for coarse and fine-powdered materials. The material feed and splitting processes take place automatically, without interruption and without loss of material. The Sample Divider PT 100 can be put together to suit individual requirements thanks to its modular design. For this reason it offers an extremely flexible range of possible applications. In addition to the drive unit a feeder, various dividing heads, sample receptacle vessels and further useful accessories are available.

Sample Divider PT 200

If you need dust-free division and volume reduction of larger bulk samples, the rotating tube divider PT 200 is a prerequisite. It is suitable for granular as well as powdered bulk materials. The amount of sample is adjusted by the slot width which adjusts the ratio of the fractions.

Sample Divider PT 300 and PT 600

Rotating sample dividers PT 300 and PT 600 are designed with special emphasis for representative, dust-free division and volume reduction of large amounts of granular or powdered bulk materials. The dividing ratio and the sample amount are determined by the selection of different dividing modules.

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Sample splitters RT 6.5 - 75 and RT 100

The sample splitters RT are designed for the on-site reduction of sample material. They are simple to use, easy to clean and are independent from an electrical power supply. The RT 100 is equipped with a feed hopper, which can hold up to 30 l of sample material, with closed outlet. This material can be evenly spread over the entire width of the hopper. the sample is splitted by manually moving a lever which opens the outlet. The slots of the dividing head can be adjusted up to a width of 108 mm.

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