In order to establish a fruitful and long-term collaboration, we aim to follow and implement all necessary regulations a certain branch of industry and different types of laboratories require.
After a successful implementation of our services, users can rest assured that they will respond to all analytical demands and attain the goals they have set.

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Adequate training is a prerequisite of safe and correct usage of instruments. Therefore, we place emphasis on the quality of our training, in order to ensure successful work for our users. The training is conducted in the Analysis service center, at the location of the user, or online, along with user certification.

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Application support

We offer application support to users of our equipment – from choosing the adequate equipment and performing routine analyses, to development and implementation of complex and demanding analytical methods.

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The application team of Analysis offers consulting services for choosing the optimal methodology and device in accordance with the user’s needs.

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Development and implementation of analytical methods

Development and implementation of an analytical method encompasses its development and introduction into routine use in the laboratory of the user – whether it is a standard, modified standard, or non-standard method.

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Validation/Verification of analytical methods

The reputation and competition of a laboratory largely depend on the trustworthiness of the analysis and the validity of the obtained results. In order to obtain results in accordance with the desired demands, Analysis offers three-phase validation/verification of analytical methods.

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Laboratory design

To achieve an optimal organization that meets the requirements and needs of users, every laboratory should be planned to fulfill the required goals. For this purpose, Analysis offers a service of creating a conceptual design for laboratories followed by the technical development.

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