Cartridge and Filter Systems

Cartridge systems are crucial components to any pure water system. They are easy to operate and maintain. Thermo Scientific offers a complete line of cartridge and filter systems for all your single step purification and pretreatment needs. Their quick-release designs provide easy cartridge change-outs and simplify maintenance, bypassing the costs of service calls. Moreover, joints and seams are ultrasonically welded in order to prevent contamination from chemical adhesives.

  • Versatile configurations meet an array of specific applications. Typical applications of cartridge systems include:
  • General lab purpose
  • General lab equipment (water baths, incubators, etc.)
  • Autoclave
  • Humidification
  • Glassware wash/rinse

There are a couple types of cartridge systems offered by Thermo Scientific:

  • B-Pure
  • Bantam Deionizer
  • Hose nipple cartridges
  • B-Pure ½ Size filters

The suitable model for your application can be selected based on capacity, feed water type and flow rates.

  • Storage capacity:  1 L to 30 L/day depending on the feed water
  • Feed water: pretreated or tap
  • Flow rates: 0.63 L/min to 4 L/min
  • Monitoring: resistivity/conductivity

Look up the Owerview guide or the Waterbook for more extensive information, or visit Thermo Scientific’s deticated Interactive Selection Guide to easily find the right system for your needs

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