Flexible Waste Disposal System for HPLC Workstations

The SymLine FLEX enables you to safely dispose of liquid HPLC waste. This modular system fits easily into your HPLC workplace, substituting often inconveniently placed waste containers with a single waste disposal container. Installation is quick and simple, without requiring any drillholes or technical alterations to your equipment – with both table and wall mounting as an option. Moreover, the flexible table installation allows for connections to your equipment to be made at any desired place. The resultant height provides the required gradient, leading to a safe downward flow of liquid. With the intercompatible and easily interconnected pipes, the pipe system length can be adjusted according to the user’s specific needs, and easily performed by the user. You can react quickly to any upcoming changes in your lab – whether concerning additional workplace, or a reinstallation at another place, the system can be made to fit!

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