Hot Plates and Stirrers

Thermo Scientific offers an extensive selection of hot plates, magnetic stirrers and stirring hot plates for your laboratory requirements, that combine a superior performance with operational simplicity.

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Lab Hot Plates

Hotplates range from basic to specialty, and are available in multiple plate shapes and sizes, with either ceramic or aluminum surface to suit any lab’s needs. The uniform-heating hotplates feature temperature stability, durabilty, as well as remote-control access for safety and convenience.
Temperature accuracy is within ±1 degree. Some models have a safety hot top warning light, a timer, and a quick heat-up to maximum temperature.

Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are available in various rpm ranges with single or multi-points (4, 6, 15 or 60 stirring points), reaching up to 2400 rpm for lager applications. The speed control is reliable and accurate for general lab use. Additionally, the porfolio contains unique stirrers that can be submerged in water baths, used in CO2 incubators, or featuring slow speeds for cell culture.

Hot Plate Stirrers

Hot plate stirrers are offered in basic, standard and advanced models, e.g. explosion-proof for hazardous applications, and provide precise control, good quality and repetability. Standard models feature digital display, and accurate temperature and speed control with safety protection. On top of that, advanced models feature additional timer and programmable functionality.

Large Capacity Stirrers

Large capacity hot plates and stirrers are designed for heavy loads, offering the performance you need for large scale applications.