Grinding Machines for OES and XRF sample preparation

HERZOG offers the right solution for preparation for all user needs – from full automation to manual stand-alone machines. Various options are available, including machines with a sanding belt or holder / holder for coarse and fine preparation, cooling with sampled water, as well as an optional milling cutter, e.g. for calibration samples. The basic characteristics of HERZOG grinding machines are compact construction, simple operation and the highest safety standards – all with the aim of optimal surface preparation.

HB 3000, HT 3000, HB 4000 and HBF 4000 – Automatic grinding (and milling) machines
All 4 models are used for coarse and fine grinding of steel and pig iron samples (up to 50 mm in diameter, round or with parallel surfaces) for OES, XRF and other analytical procedures. Operating modes include automatic, stand-alone, linear automation and robot automation.

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HB 3000, HT 3000

The fully automatic HB 3000 wheel and abrasive belt machine enable automated sample preparation for spectroscopic analysis with all its advantages including improved repeatability. The HB 3000 can be easily integrated into any type of automation.

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HB 3000 and HB 4000

Both HB 3000 and HB 4000 (belt grinding machine has a wide range of applications and optimized sample preparation for economy) are characterized by fast and precise preparation of samples of iron, steel and especially high-alloy steels in a wide range of geometries. , whose temperature can reach 800 ° C.

HBF 4000

HBF 4000, with its integration of various processing methods, “grinding belts” or “cutters” for fine machining, provides optimal sample preparation for analytical requirements for samples of all degrees of hardness and alloys. HBF 4000 also allows the preparation belt and milling machine to be used not only in combination but also for separate grinding and milling operations.

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HTS 2000 Semi-automatic grinding machine

HTS 2000 automatic cup wheel grinding machine for sample preparation of iron and steel of all possible geometries for spectral analysis. The preparation process is controlled by a PLC control system. The reproducibility of sample preparation was significantly improved. The grinding bracket starts the servo motor. Wheel wear is monitored using a measuring device. This provides extremely accurate grinding results combined with short processing times and long service life. The sample temperature can be up to 900 ° C.

HT 350 Manual grinding machine

The HT 350 disc grinder for various applications allows coarse and fine grinding of samples without the need to change the machine tools again. Each of the grinding discs has its own drive motor that can be switched on and off separately. The direct drive of each disc guarantees a highly precise grinding pattern with reduced machine wear and low noise. Both discs have the same direction of rotation, which enables fast and ergonomic handling and machining of samples.

HS 200 Manual grinding machine

The HS 200 is a manual swing preparation machine for the preparation of samples of pig iron and steel of various shapes for OES, XRF and other analytical techniques, used in foundries, steel mills and other metal processing plants.