Gas Adsorption Measurement

Gas adsorption measurements can be utilized to determine specific surface area, BET value and porosity of powders. Additionally, they can aid determining sample density and even evaluating catalysts. Microtrac MRB is a leading manufacturer of analyzers for the determination of gas and vapor adsorption amounts as well as BET surface area and pore size distribution. These instruments use gas adsorption technology to analyze both porous and non-porous powder materials and are used all over the world in research and development (R&D), quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA).

Surface Area and Pore Size Distribution Analyzers

These instruments are used to evaluate the specific surface area and pore size distribution of numerous solid materials - powders, fibers, membranes, substrates and molds, utilizing gas adsorption and mercury intrusion. Available models ...

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Gas and Vapor Adsorption Analyzers

These analyzers are used to determine the gas and vapour adsorption amounts in numerous porous and non-porous solid materials - powders, fibers, membranes, substrates and molds, using the gas adsorption technology.

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Catalyst Evaluation Analyzers

Catalyst Evaluation Analyzers are used for the characterization of catalysts using TPD (temperature programmed desorption), determination of acidity / basicity of solid catalysts, pulse injection for the metal dispersion rate of noble me...

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Density Measurement Instruments

Microtrac MRB's density measurement instruments can be used in numerous areas: cement and building materials, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, oil, minerals, pesticides, powders, polymers, and many more. They rely on the gas displac...

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Mercury Porosimeters

The knowledge about porosity, pore size distribution and pore volume is of fundamental importance for the characterization of porous materials. Mercury porosimetry is the most commonly used method for determining the accessible...
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High Pressure Gas Adsorption Analyzers

The importance of high-pressure adsorption measurement is increasing in various application fields, such as hydrogen or methane storage, pressure swing adsorption (PSA), CO2 absorption into hypolymer, and more. Unlike, the usua...
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