Automated Discrete (Wet Chemical) Analysis

Discrete Analyzer is an automated wet chemical analyzer in which the instrument performs tests on samples kept in discrete cells in contrast to a continuous flow analyzer. The Thermo Scientific Gallery Discrete Analyzers enable you to reduce hands-on time and simplify laboratory testing during your analytical process. All necessary analysis steps are automated, while at the same time low detection levels can be achieved. This integrated platform provides two measurement techniques for photometric (colorimetric and enzymatic) and electrochemical (pH and conductivity) analysis, which can be run simultaneously. Analytical efficiency is ensured through parallel determination of multiple analytes from a single sample and the presence of several automated features, allowing you to improve productivity while achieving reproducible results in minutes. In addition to providing parallel measurement of multiple analytes, including those used in photometric and electrochemical analysis, the discrete analyzers are robust and easy-to-use. Thermo Scientific Gallery discrete analyzer with ready-to-use system reagents are optimized for speed, flexibility, and precision for process water, ground water, waste water and drinking water, but also wine, beer, malt, beverages, enzymes, and soil analysis, enabling improved quality control through consolidated testing.