Laboratory Furniture

Waldner laboratory furniture is bright, open, communicative and whatever you make of it, due to its modular concept. Whether you need benches, sinks, storage hoods, special cabinets, sliding elements, service modules or supply and waste disposal of chemicals, Waldner's modular concept lets you create countless design versions – leaving functional latitude for unlimited possibilities. You are the one who defines the individual parameters for your specific needs, e.g. whether you need fume hoods or not, whether your work benches should have a load-bearing capacity of over 200 kg, etc. The laboratory furniture system with its flexible application units can easily be adapted to new situations in the lab. This way Waldner can provide a large number of different design and furniture variants for every functional area of the laboratory. Finally, Waldner has redesigned their laboratory furniture based on innovative ideas, sophisticated detailed solutions and high-quality materials, meeting the user requirements with respect to ergonomics, maximum operational safety and profitability more than ever.

Service Modules

Service modules are crucial in laboratories: they supply the entire room with all the services that scientists need for their work. Service spines, suspended service booms, service columns or service wings are modular in design...
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Laboratory Benches

Waldner's laboratory benches have a wide range of uses for every laboratory area. Their ability to systemcatically separate service supply and furniture ensures flexibility in laboratories. Showing an excellent stability and li...
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Laboratory Sinks

Laboratories pose different requirements to the acess of service water. Integrated sinks into service spines or fume hoods, generously sized sinks or drip cups are just some examples that can be installed in the laboratory as r...
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Laboratory Cabinets

Waldner's laboratory furniture system offers the broadest selection of storage spaces for both ease of access and secure storage. Offering a variety of different equippment possibilities, these storage spaces make ideal use of ...
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Special Laboratory Cabinets for Dangerous Chemicals

Special cabinets handle the safe storage of typical items that need to be stored in laboratories - solvents, acids, alkalis and compressed gas bottles, and can also be used for chemical disposal. Acids, alkalis and flammable li...
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Supply and Waste Disposal Systems

Waldner offers certified systems for disposal of liquid and solid substances placed in appropriate underbench units. Underbench units for waste disposal are equipped as standard ones with addition of safety trays to hold suitab...
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