Scales, Weights and Microscopes

Kern has been producing precision balances for 175 years. Today, the range of Kern’s products is much broader and includes analytical balances, moisture analyzers, industrial scales, test weights, as well as microscopes.
Basic balances (school and pocket balances) as well as test weights are available too. Even though weights have always been used to carry out weighing procedures, this original purpose has almost disappeared. Today, they are almost exclusively used for adjusting and testing, i.e. calibration of electronic balances.

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Analytical balances

To satisfy stricter requirements for precision, speed, and reproducibility of weight values, monolithic balance cells are increasingly the standard.
Analytical balance is used in every laboratory that needs some kinde of precise measurment. Every Kern analytical balance can be equiped with internal calibration weight for easy adjusment of the balance. Kern offers a wide range of analytical balances form school models for training of personel to premium models with ionizer and 0,001 mg readability.
Recommended models:

  • ABP series premuium analytical balance with optional ionizer
  • ABJ series proven as high performance analytical balance
  • ALJ series Analytical balance with high measuring range and recipe function
Precision balances

Precision balances are used in labs to efficiently perform tasks such as weighing test materials and sampling amounts, formulation, density determination, purity analysis, quality control testing as well as material and conformance testing. Best in class price to value ratio, wide selection of different models, Kern proven durability and longevity.
Recommended models:

  • PBJ series Multifunctional laboratory balance with single-cell weighing system
  • PNJ series New standard in laboratory balances with automatic internal adjustment
  • EG series Classic balance with robust tuning fork measuring system
Moisture analyzers

Moisture analysing is an integral part of many raw and finished products and has a crucial influence on the quality of the product. Kern moisture analysers are fast, easy to use, durable and precise.
Recommended models:

  • DBS High-quality single-cell weighing system for outstanding stability, reliability and response time
  • DAB model with high-quality halogen quartz glass heater available with 10mg readability idela for rapid tests
Industrial scales

Kern offers various types of industrial scales such as platform, floor, pallet truck, hanging / crane scales, counting, price computing, food as well as practical and simple bench scales.
Recommended models:

  • IXS platform scale with IP68 rating and XL-diplay unit
  • FKB Bench scale with high resolution and large weighting surface
  • BFN Stainless steel floor scale with IP68 rating, stainless steel display device with IP65 rating

When developing microscopes Kern have concentrated on the very best optical quality an have used only high-quality glass and the latest tehnology to achive this. The high quality Philips halogen and LED ilumination produces razor-sharp images with high contrast. These images will impress you with their high contrast and true colors display.
Recommended models:

  • OBL Best selling, flexible laboratory microscope with infinity optical system and Koechler ilumination
  • OPO Powerful polarisnig microscope for all applications with reflected and transmitted light
  • OZL Affordable stereo zoom microscope for quality control