Reciprocating Shakers

Facilitate repeatable results with chemical extractions, sample mixing and silver staining of polyacrylamide gels in addition to bacterial and yeast cultures with Thermo Scientific reciprocating and dual action shakers. The added reciprocating function combined with easy-to-use analog operating system, variable speed control for gentle-to-vigorous agitation, and choice of three platforms makes these shakers affordable and increases the capacity for a wide range of applications. Thermo Scientific stands behind their shakers with an industry leading warranty providing 2-year coverage on labor, 5 years on parts, and a full 10-year warranty on the drive mechanism.

Maximum vessel size is up to 6 l (Erlenmeyer flasks), the weight capacity 6.8 kg, and the platform size 11 x 13 in. The maximum speed range is 15 to 500 rpm.

Head to the link below to find the model suitable for your application needs, or contact us to assist you in the process.

Useful link’s: Brochure: MaxQ Shaker Series

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