Integrated Solutions for Liquid Waste Disposal

SymLine CLASSIC offers complete integration within your existing laboratory infrastructure. Suitable for new laboratory projects as well as for retrofitting at any time afterwards. SymLine CLASSIC comprises of filling units, table/wall mounts, pipe systems, waste caps and versatile accessories for a configurable, space-saving flexible solution. Browse the SymLine website and check out the configurator tool available for any of these items to easily select a suitable product.

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SymLine Accessories

Tailor your SymLine System to exactly suit your requirements using numerous useful accessories.

SymLine WasteCaps

SymLine WasteCaps safely connect the pipelines to the waste container. The integrated exhaust filter blocks solvent vapours for health and the environment protection. Available with an optional liquid level control that prevents the overflowing of containers.

Pipe System

The SymLine pipe system provides the connection to the central collection point. It enables you to place the collecting container/canister wherever you want, to best suit your needs, owing to the configurable length of the system of pipelines. Visit the SymLine webpage to select a suitable product via the dedicated configurator.

Table and Wall Mounts

The SymLine mounts enable you to install the filling units on a desired spot within your working area. They are available in both table and wall varieties, as per the requirement.

Filling Units

The filling units are mounted in a space-saving fashion within your workspace and this is where waste liquids are filled/poured into. Filling units are available either as funnels/sinks for manual filling, or as a special HPLC connection, for direct connection to your waste tubing.