Fusion and Grinding Machines

Sample preparation of metals and materials to be analyzed using optical emission spectroscopy (OES) and X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) is becoming increasingly important. Even minor contamination or slightly defective surfaces on the samples can lead to incorrect analysis results and misinterpretations. For metal analysis in particular, the sample surface must be perfectly prepared because any spectroscopic analysis can only be as good as the quality of the samples. Grinding ensures that a flat surface is created on which all components of the surface are, if possible, on one level. HERZOG offers various options - belt or cup wheel grinding, coarse and fine grinding, sample water cooling, as well as an optional milling cutter. When it comes to XRF, another technology can play a major role in quality sample preparation. Fusion in XRF is the principle of fusing a powder sample and a lithium borate into a glass bead. FLUXANA offers VITRIOX fusion machines with a high rate of automation and implemented high safety requirements.