Supply and Waste Disposal Systems

Waldner offers certified systems for disposal of liquid and solid substances placed in appropriate underbench units. Underbench units for waste disposal are equipped as standard ones with addition of safety trays to hold suitable canisters for convenient canister exchange. Acids, alkalis and flammable liquids can be disposed of through screw-fixed safety funnels directly into canisters or through funnels integrated in the worktop of the fume hoods. Mechanical or electrical level indicators together with appropriate ventilation equipment ensure that the temporary storage and disposal of acids and alkalis is safe.

Several types of supply and disposal systems are available:

  • Supply system for flammable liquids
  • Waste disposal system for acids and alkalis
  • Waste disposal system for flammable liquids
  • Waste disposal system for solid matter and domestic waste
  • Waste disposal system for radio-isotope residual material

Check out the Technical Catalogue for more detailed information on supply and waste disposal systems, and contact us to help you find the best solution for your lab.

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