SecuFlow Fume Hoods

Waldner’s Secuflow technology enables their laboratory fume hoods to achieve excellent retention values and reliably protect the employees – with test results that go far beyond the requirements of DIN EN 14175. Harmful gases and particles are safely flushed away from the side walls and the work surface. Moreover, the Secuflow shows excellent containment values even in the case of densely packed workspace or intensive movement next to the fume hood – even when the sash is open. This is achieved with reduced extract air volumes, which has yet another benefical consequence – a significantly lower energy consumption. Waldner Secuflow laboratory fume hoods have approximately 33 % less air flow than conventional systems, making a significant contribution to environmental efficiency in laboratories, providing also considerable savings, as well as significantly lower noise emissions. Apart from the Secureflow technology, the Secureflow fume hoods have the same features as standard Waldner fume hoods. In addition, some of them are designed to enable working with high thermal loads, dusty substances and recirculating air operation.