Pellet Presses

Retsch offers three models of pellet presses with different pressure forces for the preparation of smooth and solid pellets suitable for XRF analysis. For reliable and meaningful XRF analysis, solid, high-quality pellets are an important prerequirement.

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Pellet PP 25

The PP 25 is a compact benchtop unit with especially easy and safe operation. With a pressure force of 25 t it is perfectly suited for the preparation of solid samples for XRF analysis. The pellets produced are characteristic of a high degree of stability as well as high quality. The clearly visible manometer scale allows for a clear read of the piston pressure. The dies for the Pellet Press PP 25 can be evacuated completely and are available in several diameters.

Pellet PP 35

The PP 35 features an individual pressure force regulation from 0 up to 35 t. The PP 35 combines the advantage of a small benchtop model with high press forces, which are built automatically in up to three steps, guaranteeing that even difficult materials are ideally pressed.

Pellet PP 40

The PP 40 features an individual pressure force regulation rangeing form 5 to 40 t. Besides controlling the pressure force, it also determines the time of build-up, holding and release of force during the procedure. This reduces tensions inside the sample and ensures that even difficult materials are pressed perfectly.