Benchtop Shakers, Rotators and Mixers

Thermo Scientific offers a variety of benchtop shakers, rotators, mixers, revolvers and rockers that are robust enough for everyday use, and yet provide precise sample agitation for all your applications – from DNA extractions to cell culture to molecular biology and beyond. With a broad-range of digital speed and time settings you can set required parameters and move on to the next task, with the confidence that your sample will shake, mix or pulse at the desired rate. Available models are listed below.


  • Microplate Shaker
  • Teleshake Magnetic Shaking System
  • Teleshake 1536-8 Magnetic Microtiter Plate Shakers

Rotators and Revolvers

  • Tube Revolver/Rotator
  • Digital Mini Rotators
  • Digital Waving Rotators
  • Cel-Gro Tissue Culture Rotator
  • Digital Mini Rotators


  • Basic Vortex Mixer
  • Digital Vortex Mixer
  • Thermal Mixer with Blocks


  • Digital rockers
  • Digital Platform Rocker
  • Digital Tube Rocker


  • Bottle/Tube Roller

Check out the brochure or head to the link below to find the model suitable for your application needs, or contact us to assist you in the process.

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