Controllers and Sensors

Hach provides different digital controllers (i.e. transmitters), analogue controllers as well as a broad range of sensors including pH and ORP sensors, Dissolved Oxygen Sensors, Conductivity Sensors and more. While Analog Controllers provide economical options for measuring your water treatment parameters, configurable Digital Controllers enable you to custom build a product to fit your needs.

Solitax sc Sensors

Hach's digital Solitax sc process probes are engineered for the accurate determination of turbidity and suspended solids in accordance with DIN EN ISO. Thanks to a very large measuring range for both turbidity and solids, the S...
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Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Hach’s Dissolved Oxygen Sensors provide reliable measurements for municiple and industrial applications, including harsh environments, e.g. chemical and power plants. Using the most advance technology, Hach's DO sensors grant f...
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pH & ORP Sensors

Hach offers a wide variety of process pH and ORP sensors for your application needs. The differential sensors use an innovative, unique electrode technology that results in greater accuracy, less drift, as well as less frequent...
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Controllers (Analogue)

Hach's Analog Controllers provide economical options for measuring your water treatment parameters. These controllers can be wired in multiple hookup arrangements in order to meet your application requirements. Moreover, select...
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Digital Controllers (Transmitters)

Digital controllers are compatible with a broad range of Hach process instrumentation, providing simple, plug-and-play functionality across your water treatment process. Moreover, they are configurable, meaning that you can cus...
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Conductivity Sensors

Industrial Conductivity Sensors use innovative technology in order to eliminate the polarization and electrode coating problems that are commonly occuring in harsh, industrial environments. Sensors feature plug-and-play technol...
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