Particle Characterization

Particle characterization portfolio contains three product lines - scattered light analysis, image analysis and surface and porosity measurements. Microtrac MRB is a leading supplier of laser diffraction (LD) systems - a versatile method for particle size determination where a laser beam is passed through a well-dispersed sample and the particle size is obtained by detecting the intensity of the scattered light. While small particles scatter light at larger angles, large particles scatter light at smaller angles relative to the laser beam. With the 3 Laser technology, the scattered light can be measured at various angles up to 163 degrees. On the other hand, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) is based on focusing the laser probe at the material interface and signal is evaluated by using a Fast Fourier Transformation. Furthermore, Dynamic Image Analysis (DIA) systems determine the shape of particles within the sample in a representative and detailed manner. Microtrac MRB's instruments for gas adsorption measurements enable calculating the Specific Surface Area via BET theory, as well as the pore size distribution where the size of analyzed pores ranges from several hundred nanometers down to the molecular size range. Moreover, some of the instruments for gas adsorption measurements enable catalyst evaluation, as well as density measurements. Mercury Porosymetry is another technique in the portfolio that s widely used for determining the pore size distribution (in the range of meso- and macropores) of solids. All of the aforementioned systems are used in numerous industry segments, including agricultural industry, geology, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as for catalysis, building materials, glass, metal powders and plastics.