Seven sponsored conferences within a month!

After the period of summer holidays, September brought numerous conferences – and Analysis participated in as many as seven, within only a month! We presented the program and services relevant to conferences’ topics, while making new acquaintances, and of course, having a little fun.

We were happy to support the following events:

  • 23rd YUCOMAT conference, organized by the Materials Research Society of Serbia
  • XI Conference of the Biochemical Society of Serbia entitled “Amazing Biochemistry”, which was held at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad. The conference brought together international scientists, addressing current topics in the field of molecular life sciences, especially in biochemistry and molecular biology. They were presented by leading scientists from the region and discussed during poster sessions
  • The third congress of Serbian biologists organized by the Serbian Biological Society was held on Zlatibor in the Palisad Hotel, gathering over 400 participants from the region, as well as many industrial sponsors. In addition to basic and applied research in all areas of biology, it was also dedicated to improving the teaching process at all levels of education
  • QP conference 2022 in Belgrade, entitled “The role of the modern QP – evolving responsibilities and challenges”, which was attended by ALIMS, Alkaloid, Hemofarm, and many other reputable pharmaceutical companies
  • XXVII Conference of KOMIM in Čačak
  • The International Congress of the 54th Days of Preventive Medicine in Niš, organized by IZJZ Niš, the Faculty of Medicine in Niš and the City Branch of the Serbian Medical Society Niš, with a focus on medical challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 4th International Conference on Plant Biology (23rd SPPS Meeting) where Analysis was the main sponsor, and which addressed the application of natural compounds in agriculture, pharmacy and food industry, growth, development, metabolism and nutrition of plants, etc.