Apreo 2 SEM

The new Thermo Scientific Apreo 2 SEM expands access to high-performance imaging and analytics to all levels of microscopy expertise. Thanks to the Thermo Scientific ColorSEM Technology, a unique live elemental imaging capability, compositional information is always available and through the most intuitive interface. Eliminating all the hassle associated with typical EDS implementations, ColorSEM Technology offers unprecedented time to result and ease of use. The Apreo 2 SEM also uses the Thermo Scientific SmartAlign Technology, an optics system that aligns itself, consequently posing much smaller demands on users and lab managers. Furthermore, the Apreo 2 SEM automates the image fine-tuning process with Thermo Scientific FLASH technology, which executes any necessary corrections to lens centering, the stigmators, and final focus of the image. The combination of these technologies means that users new to electron microscopy can access the high-end performance of the Apreo 2 SEM and that anyone will be able to confidently get great results. Additionally, the Apreo 2 SEM is the only SEM with a 1-nanometer resolution at 10 mm analytical working distance.