ATS Xtend LC On-/Offline

ATS Xtend LC On-/Offline enables automated injection of collected samples from your dissolution tester directly into your HPLC / UHPLC system. The Xtend dissolution tester automatically takes samples from all vessels, filters down to a porosity of 0.2 µm, collects filtered samples in the SAM sample manager, and immediately injects them one by one directly into your LC chromatography unit. Using a special cleaning routine, the ATS Xtend flushes the injection loop of your LC before the next sample is injected, this way preventing cross-contamination and carry-over. Moreover, it is possible to program individual vessel temperatures in all 6-8 vessels at any point. Built on the success of preceding SOTAX dissolution testers, the ATS Xtend system can be flexibly configured for Apparatus 1/2/5/6 methods with different style baskets, paddles, rotating cylinders, etc.

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