Fluoroskan, Fluoroskan FL fluorometric and Luminoskan Microplate Readers

The Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan Microplate Fluorometer is a compact, robust fluorescence plate reader built to run variety of fluorometric and FRET assays with excellent performance. The DLReady-certified Thermo Scientific Fluoroskan FL Microplate Fluorometer and Luminometer is a dual-mode versatile workhorse for fluorometric and luminometric assays. The Thermo Scientific Luminoskan Microplate Luminometer is a sensitive, DLReady certified luminescence plate reader built to perform superbly for a variety of luminescence applications, including flash, glow and BRET assays. All three instruments are equipped with powerful Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software, offering increased usability for setting up protocols and data analysis. Validated protocols from the growing SkanIt Cloud Library help save time and make the workflow more efficient.

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