Lab Upright Freezers

The lab upright freezers from Nordic Lab cover a wide range of low temperatures, from -45°C to – 86°C, and are offered in two sizes – 93 L and 253 L of volume. Additionally, the compact design saves up valuable space in your lab without compromising the performance. Based on a unique single stage compressor technology, Nordic Lab upright freezers give the user a seamless and economical low temperature solution.
A few things need to be considered when choosing a freezer, such as length of storage, sensitivity, type of samples, among others. For example, the Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers -86°C meet the ultimate demands for long-term storage of the most sensitive samples.

Main Features:

  • Temperature logger with USB port
  • High/low temperature alarm
  • Door alarm
  • 48h battery backup (ULT models)
  • Castors with brakes (with exception of ULT U100)

Available in countries :

Lab Upright Freezer models:

-86°C - Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) series

Models ULT U100 (volume 93 L), ULT U250 (volume 253 L)

-60°C - Extra Low Temperature (XLT) series

Model XLT U250 (volume 253 L)

-45°C - Low Temperature (LT) series

Model LT U250 (volume 253 L)