Sievers M500 Online TOC Analyzers

The Sievers M500 is the third generation online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer based on Sievers’ reagentless Membrane Conductometric technology. The M500 improves SUEZ’s industry-leading technology and introduces new features in order to improve efficiency and meet regulations. The M500 offers an operating range of 0.03 ppb to 2.5 ppm with high accuracy and includes simultaneous conductivity measurement. This new model increases analysis speed by 50%, integrates a suite of advanced data management features, as well as a simplified user interface. While the Sievers M500 Online TOC Analyzer is designed for detecting critical organic contaminants in pharmaceutical Purified Water (PW) and Water for Injection (WFI) applications, the Sievers M500e Online TOC Analyzer is ideally suited for microelectronics applications and analysis of low-level contaminants.

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Sievers M500 Online TOC Analyzer,
Sievers M500e Online TOC Analyzer

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