Vreme: 5pm CEST

Food integrity and QC

This lecture is a part of webinar series by Thermo Fisher Scientific for 2022, titled Emerging Topics in Food Safety. It is designed to showcase food safety issues that are important in the European, Middle East and Africa regions.

Session 1: Milk adulteration – Due to frequently occurring food frauds that are a threat to consumers, Thermo Scientific provides a complete GC based solution on how to detect adulteration in milk. The webinar also covers workflows using ion chromatography to profile milk glycans, lactose and carbohydrates in order to ensure quality products.

Session 2: Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons (MOSH/MOAH) – a topic that is still the focus of chemists all over the world. A fully automated solution based on the LC/GC technique will be presented, being widely used in this field.

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