Belec Compact Port HLC

The Belec Compact Port HLC is the world’s only portable hybrid spectrometer for joint metal and carbon analysis, combined with unique flexibility and the latest 6GSO-System.

In their latest portable spectrometer generation, Belec achieved what has so far only been possible in large laboratory spectrometers. Belec engineers have developed a unique solution – the hybrid double spectrometer inside the new Belec Compact Port HLC.

This model offers flexibility combined with the best possible precision. This is accomplished by using the latest digital detectors (CCD), which cover the entire spectral range for consequent line selection without compromises, in addition to high performing Photomultipliers for selected elements like Carbon that guarantee lowest detection limits and unattained performance.


  • high performance due to the latest 6GSO System (6th Generation Spectrometer Optic System)
  • state-of-the-art detectors, developed for spectroscopy applications
  • simple handling
  • mobility by trolley; easy transportation
  • user friendly software Belec Win 21
  • analysis of C, P and S with Argon Probe
  • analysis of Nitrogen in Duplex steels (optional)
  • quick mix-up checking with Air Sparking Probe
  • high accuracies (C from 0.003%)
  • connectable Measuring Stand
  • adapters for almost all sample shapes and sizes available

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