Belec de-tect portable OES

Belec, the inventor of mobile spectroscopy, sets new and modern standards for ultimate accuracy and precision in the most compact spark optical emission spectrometer (OES).

Combined with the newly designed FUSION PROBE, the new Belec de-tect, provides everything you want. This model stands for portable precision and is known as the most lightweight portable spectrometer, yet the most accurate.

Weighing only 12 kg, it is easily carried to almost any location, with an additional option of using a 10m cable. Moreover, the Fusion Probe with the integrated touchscreen allows full access to all functions, with a simple user interface.


  • Longest umbilical on the market, practically any length – which secures an easy access to pipe racks
  • Low argon consumption – and consequently low operation costs
  • Probe read out screen for highest convenience
  • Robust optics/probe design; analysis takes place in the probe and there is no need for fiber replacement due to aging
  • Post analytical calculations are simple (Add/Edit CE or other formulas)
  • Integrated, Customizable grades library
  • Easy standardization
  • Temperature-stabilization, which makes it ready for any climate
  • Highest level of accuracy and precision (including UV-elements C, P, S and even trace elements)
  • PMI/Field ready
  • Adapters for virtually all shapes and sizes
  • Lightweight Aluminum aircraft grade reinforced plastic housing, moisture proof
  • Near maintenance-free

More information is available in the brochure and link below.

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