Bioprocessing Centrifuges

By expanding their line of leading large-capacity centrifuges, Thermo Scientific introduced bioprocesing centriguges designed for high-throughput bioprocessing. The Sorvall BIOS centrifuge series are designed for high quality harvesting, separation and purification bioprocessing methods that require run to run reproducibility and traceability.
On the other hand, Sorvall CC40NX and CC40SNX Ultracentrifuge Series are GMP-compatible, scalable, continuous-flow ultracentrifuges for automated purification or concentration of viral and nanosize particles.

Typical applications of bioprocessing centrifuges include:
Cell harvesting, collection, clarification, purification, and concentration
Vaccine production
Density gradient separations

Bioprocessing centrifuges are compatible with large capacity swinging bucket, and fixed angle rotors. Maximum speed/RCF are up to 6,250 rpm/12,000 g, and maximum capacity is 8 x 2,000 ml bottles. Heavy duty version is available as well.

Check out brochures or visit Thermo Scientific’s deticated Interactive Selection Guide</strong > to explore different models and select the one that best fits your needs.

Useful link’s:
Brochure: Sorvall BIOS centrifuge series
Brochure : CC40(S)NX

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