Ultraspeed Centrifuges

Maximize available lab space with the small footprint of Thermo Scientific floor-standing spinning rotor centrifuges. These ultracentrifuges offer a large processing capacity and are capable of reaching impressive acceleration rates of up to 150,000 rpm / 1,048,680 g in just 80 seconds, boosting productivity. Sorvall MX Plus Series Floor Model Micro-Ultracentrifuge allows you to conduct more high-capacity experiments in less time using cutting edge, versatile rotor capacities.
Ultracentrifuges are suitable for high-performance applications in cell biology, drug discovery and nanotechnology.
More than 35 optional compatible rotors are available, including swinging bucket, fixed angle, vertical and neo angle, and continuous flow/zonal, with maximum capacity of 6 x 250 ml bottles. Benchtop configurations are available as well.
Check out brochures or visit Thermo Scientific’s deticated Interactive Selection Guide to explore different models and select the one that best fits your needs.

Useful link’s:
Brochure: Sorval WX+ Ultracentrifuge Series
Brochure: Sorvall MTX 150 and MX Plus Micro-ultracentrifuges

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