Cleanroom drying oven UF1060

The suitability of the Memmert universal oven UF1060 for use in the cleanroom has been confirmed by the independent Fraunhofer IPA (Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation), and therefore it has the Fraunhofer TESTED DEVICE® certificate. In order to guarantee the maximum quality assurance, the drying oven was tested in accordance with a uniform and statistically secured standard, and given the standard version certificate without any modifications such as particulate filters. Even with maximum air recirculation, the UF1060 attains cleanroom class 5 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1, whereas without recirculating air, it is certified for the cleanroom class 6. The UF1060 covers the temperature range up to +300 °C and is available in the size of 1060 litres volume.

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