Krios Rx Cryo-TEM

The Thermo Scientific Krios Rx Cryo-TEM is the first pharma-dedicated solution for single particle analysis (SPA) and structure-based drug design and thus the flagship of the iSPA Workflow. This high-end microscope is optimized for the drug discovery process with a guaranteed throughput of over 400 high-quality images per hour. The Krios Rx Cryo-TEM is configured for SPA only with a fixed voltage of 300 kV, and is equipped with a Falcon 4 Direct Electron Detector, EPU Quality Monitor and EPU Data Management (powered by Athena Software). The simplified workflow with next-level EPU automations, including unattended multigrid data collection, makes it ideal for non-expert microscopists. The pharma-dedicated service package ensures the industry leading productivity and reliability with a 90% system uptime guarantee (with the Falcon 4 detector).

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