Phenom Pro Desktop SEM

The sixth-generation of Thermo Scientific Phenom Pro G6 Desktop SEM fills the gap between light microscopy and floor-model SEM analysis, this way expanding the capabilities of research facilities. Fast and easy to use, the Phenom Pro G6 Desktop SEM can be uilized to relieve the burden of routine analysis for common samples from floor-model SEM instruments. Quick imaging with minimal time spent on tuning between experiments is ensured with instrument configuration and the sample loading mechanism. Moreover, facility users of any level of experience can quickly start producing high-quality results with the Phenom Pro G6 Desktop SEM. Its long-lifetime CeB6 source offers high brightness while requiring low maintenance. In addition, its high stability and small form factor allow the instrument to be used in practically any lab environment – simply put, it does not require specialized infrastructure or expert oversight.

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