Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM

The next-generation Thermo Scientific Phenom XL G2 Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) automates your quality control process, providing accurate, reproducible results while freeing up time for value-added work. This desktop SEM helps you meet quality standards with an intuitive, automated solution that eliminates manual and repetitive tasks. It enables obtaining the quality information needed to discover failures early and rapidly adjusting the production process accordingly. The Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM automates quality control to process a high volume of samples with fewer chances of human error, and also helps you getting up to speed quickly owing to an all-new, easy-to-learn interface ideal for a wide range of applications. Moreover, it features full-screen images and an average time-to image of 60 seconds. The unique CeB6 electron source offers a long lifetime with less maintenance. Due to its small footprint, the Phenom XL G2 requires little lab space, allowing you to place the microscope exactly where you need it.

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