Test Sieves

“The well-proven Retsch test sieves and perforated plate sieves are comprised of a solid stainless steel sieve frame of great stability for reliable sieving results. By focusing closely on the mesh-specific requirements, the fabric of each test sieve is precisely fitted into the frame and tautened. Clear labeling with full traceability is provided by the individual laser engraving of each test sieve.
The sieves can be easily combined with all other sieve brands. RETSCH test sieves are available in many different diameters, mesh sizes and varieties, primarily in the four frame sizes most widely used in laboratory analytics:
200 x 50 mm, 200 x 25 mm
8“x 2“ (203 x 50 mm), 8“x 1“ (203 x 25 mm)
Additionally, Retsch offers a wide selection of sieve accessories: for test sieves, for wet sieving, sieving aids, test sieve rack, ultrasonic baths for thorough cleaning of test sieves, dryers for quick and gentle drying of samples and sieves, as well as sample dividers.

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