The AS120 autosampler combines state-of-the-art components and optimized, easy-to-use functions that meet routine requirements as well as research-level automatic sampling requirements. It enables accurate and precise dosing, which significantly improves the performance of your TN / TS / TKS analysis.


Sampling of gas and LPG samples requires a safe and reliable combustion analyzer solution to measure trace nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine levels. TSHR NEXIS GM includes hardware features such as hydrocarbon and pressure sensors and precision sampling valves to ensure safe operation. NEXIS GM is available in three different configurations to meet customer requirements for analyzing gas and low and high pressure LPG samples.


The automatic liquid injector, model NEXIS AI, can introduce liquid samples into the NEXIS VP Total Nitrogen / Total Sulfur Analyzer semi-automatically. The compact injector design that is easy to install on the NEXIS VP makes it an affordable solution for customers with a limited number of liquid samples. NEXIS AI can use syringes from 10 to 100 uL.

GM 7000

Autosampler TSHR GM 7000 is a precise and reliable sampling module that offers easy and flexible measurement of TN / TS / TKS in gaseous hydrocarbon matrices.

HR 7000

The HR 7000 series autosamplers are designed to automatically accurately and reliably introduce your liquid hydrocarbon samples into the TSHR analyzer.

AI 7000

The AI ​​7000 autosampler can semi-automatically introduce liquid samples into the TSHR 7000 series TN, TS, TKS analyzer.


The TSHR AOX Sample Filter Unit, model FU3, is designed to prepare AOX samples using the batch and column method.