NEXIS Combustion Analyzer

The TSHR NEXIS Total Nitrogen/Sulfur/Chlorine (TN/TS/TX) analyzer is a horizontally oriented combustion analyzer that enables measuring trace level conventrations of nitrogen/sulfur/chlorine in a wide range of liquids, solids and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)/ gas samples. The NEXIS TN/TS analyzer configuration detects these substances through a unique highly effective NEX-Z combustion tube design, that includes Ultra Violet Fluorescence (UVF) and Chemiluminescence (CLD) detection techniques, while Total Chlorine is detected by Micro Coulometry (MCT) with an add-on module. Meet all in one TN/TS/TX analyzer with unsurpassed performance. Available as TN, TS, TX , TN/TX and TN/TS/TX.

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